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History: Past Events


River Haven on the Wolf is considered "The Original Resort of the Northwoods". A series of cabins were built along the banks of the Wolf River to offer a retreat for the Loggers. Logging was hard work and River Haven offered them a place to relax, fish and eat a good meal before heading off to the next job.



The Women in the Alft family worked hard to keep up with all the work. At any given time 60 sheets would be hung out on the line. Early newspapers boast about how fine the white sheets were. The meals that were cooked had a reputation far and wide as the best home cooked meal you could get. River Haven Cabin was the the family home where the cooking took place. There were 8 cabins along the river that housed the guests.

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Outside River Haven you can see and hear the most famous rapids on the Wolf. Gilmore was a surveyor who thought the river was impassible at this site, sighting that the river seemed to disappear under the trees. When his boss later came by he realized they could dynamite their way through a few "problems", opening the river to some of the best logging in the industry.

Crab N Jack's restaurant next door has incredible views of these rapids and it's fun to watch the kayakers and rafters brave their way through them. Herb's Rafts is also located here so you can try your hand at these rapids yourself. 

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